SPORE'S Citizen Protected Natural Treasure Campaign: Fox Park

Local artist Emily Hemeyer invites community members to join SPORE Projects in a lighthearted one-day campaign to lobby for the recognition of her neighborhood, Fox Park, as a Citizen Protected Natural Treasure Area (CPNTA). The Fox Park Square, located at the intersection of California and Shenandoah, will be the site of campaign activities. Participants are invited to contribute to the establishment of an Interpretive Center. Activities will move between a local a brownfield remediation lot and the Purple Martin restaurant. Workshops and the co-creation of displays will take place throughout the day. The Grand Opening/Closing of the Fox Park Natural Treasure Interpretive Center will be celebrated at dusk with a commemorative light show, music collaboration, and dessert-luck. Bring your favorite desserts to share.

Activities will geared towards the collection (and invention) of specimens for cataloging and display in the Interpretive Center. Specimens may be collected during a neighborhood edible plant identification walk with Emily Hemeyer and Amanda Jokerst, community herbalist. At the Interpretive Center, contributors and visitors are invited to dialogue with Lynn Josse at the history and buried geological wonders beneath the Fox Park neighborhood is uncovered. Inspired by the world-famous Meramec Caverns Light Show our event will culminate with a light and sound experience like no other as the final fanfare of our campaign draws much-needed attention to the natural and historical wonders of Fox Park.

SPORE, an amalgamation of collaborative projects facilitated by Emily Hemeyer, is a transient share space, springboard, and cultural archive as creative practice. Since 2009 SPORE has facilitated a wide-range of temporary projects with an emphasis on public engagement and cross-community collaborations often involving other artists. SPORE propels exploration through open forums and evolving networks of exchange. Past and current projects have included the Home-Stay Artist Residency, SPORE Mobile Gallery, Chautauqua Art Lab (CQAL), Mrs MacCormick’s Yard Summer Series, Empty Pocket Archive, The Migratory Hive Series, and programing at the Revisionist Inn.

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