Donald Judd: Ranches and Land Conservation

“I have a ranch on the north end of the range overlooking the Rio Grande called Ayala de Chinati. This has two small houses which I’ve thought a lot about, but done little about, since I hate to damage the land around them. Here, everywhere, the destruction of new land is a brutality… Within a real view of the world and the universe this violence would be a sin—there are no words since there are no ethics that correspond to the present nature of the world.” – Donald Judd, 1989

Judd Foundation’s Randy Sanchez will discuss Donald Judd’s ranch properties outside Marfa, TX and the artist’s approach to rural architecture and land conservation.

As Judd made Marfa his home in the mid-1970’s, he became interested in preserving the land that surrounds the town. He purchased three ranches, some 50 miles from Marfa, close to the Mexican border in Presidio County. Judd continued to acquire land adjacent to the ranches in an attempt to prevent future development. At the time of his death, Judd owned nearly 40,000 acres of contiguous undeveloped land.

Today, Judd Foundation manages the properties and holds conservation easements to the land.  Sanchez will highlight the Foundation’s work, and the changing climate in the region he has witnessed over the past 25 years.

Special Thanks

This lecture is supported by the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation and Pulitzer Arts Foundation.